Contouring Makeup and the tale of the better version of humans.

I wonder if other people are as freaked out as myself over this contouring makeup videos currently trending everywhere.

Have you seen them? If not , good. Don’t.

In a world where we are claiming advertising has played a trick on us all and real beauty should be the standard (real beauty as in everyone is by definition beauty-full in their own right), changing the way you look by using colors on your face and playing with shades to morph your natural bone structure or qualities is, well, unnatural.

Already the principle of applying colors to your face is daunting to me; BUT even native cultures do so. Ornamenting, or expressing a certain status or emotion through it has been a use for coloring faces and/or bodies for centuries; “make up” however, is a complete different thing, as the phrase says it: “making up”.

Making up for what exactly?

Made up, because you is down, low. Lets create an ‘up’ version by fooling others into thinking your nose is narrow , your eyes are bigger, your cheekbones are unnaturally sharp and your lips are plumpier.

When you think about it, it implies that the people you are fooling with these tricks are never going to get close to you anyways; “make up” yourself into something else, go out into the world and impress people. Now, you cannot get too intimate though, because the trick has to be revealed then, and what does that make you? A liar? A fake?

Confusing. Imagine if you were a 14 year old girl being bombarded with these DIY videos about how easy and accessible it is to ‘look like’ people who are doing everything they can to not ‘look’ like themselves.

Lets all pretend then. In a world ‘made up’ with ‘make up’ there is no space for clean faces, but no worries, because apparently there is no interest either in closeness. Selfies and swiping likes are all we need to make our choices for our relationship status, marked by another selfie, ourfie? Wefie?

Look your best, always. Easy: just don’t look as yourself. Fake a better version, copying another’s better version of themselves who in turn is inspired by a fake version of humans that dont exist.

Good idea Humans. We are, by all means, doing great.

(picture credit to Cosmopolitan Magazine: