Deliberate muddle of today’s generation!
Khushboo S

I mull over the same dilemma.

It boils down to the misplaced idea of success. The instant gratification provided from social media, and forever-happy and no-one-ever-a-dull/bad-day notion that is on our feed has moulded the mentality and thus, never pushing ourselves. Hard-work is very difficult. Working every day relentlessly for goals (money as a by-product of the hard-work, not the main goal) is seeming to be an impossibility.

In a space that we can make our ground and stand out, we have only been pushing ourselves to be more like one another. Or rather, to up the other. We all want to be the lion, the CEO, but no one wants to take the artwork to the client.

It’s hard-work. It’s hard. We simply don’t want to sweat. (Sad emoticon)