Tips for Preparing to Travel to Turkey

A water locator for the Howard County Government in Maryland, Semsettin Gogebakan has earned several customer service team awards, among other honors. In his leisure time, Semsettin Gogebakan enjoys traveling and has visited numerous countries worldwide, including returning to his native Turkey.

The nation of Turkey requires all foreign visitors to acquire a visa prior to entry. A visa may take around two weeks to receive, so plan sufficiently in advance. Also be aware that having at least six months until your passport expires will greatly help your admittance to the country.

Although you may wish to see tourist sites in Istanbul and elsewhere, you will have a much deeper experience of the culture if you engage with the local people. In order to facilitate that encounter, it will benefit you to pick up a few Turkish phrases, such as hello and thank you. If you make the effort, you may find your preparations rewarded with an invitation for coffee or tea at a local resident’s home.

Additionally, studying the culture and history of the region will greatly enhance your experience. As a secular state, Turkey allows its citizens freedom in their practice of religion, which means many cities have become more progressive while more rural areas may still retain stricter customs.

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