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Chairman Grassley and Ranking Member Feinstein,

I am honored to be able to sit among my Democratic and Republican colleagues on this committee as we consider nominees for vital judicial and agency vacancies, who if confirmed will have the opportunity to impact and influence the lives of millions of Americans, in many instances for generations to come.

And that is precisely why we take this process so seriously, and why each of these nominees and their records deserve our close and critical attention.

Having evaluated all of the nominees before this committee today I am proud to say that there are candidates who I look forward to supporting. But there are also serious questions about the qualifications of several nominees, and their commitment to upholding equal justice under the law. …

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Tell me about your family. When did you come to America?

First I came to the US when I was 2 years of age in 86' , although my family came after the 86' immigration amnesty they did not qualify for this program. Years later my parents tried to adjust status threw my fathers employer at the time, but the immigration lawyer they had failed to comply with addition evidence the Immigration Service requested, and lost their case and money for that matter.

Tell me more about your childhood and growing up in America?

As a young child growing up I never considered myself any different from my peers at school. I did notice they had permanent homes while my family consistently moved, we payed rent and never qualifying to buy a home, even though we payed taxes. My friends both parents home during the evenings and weekends , mine worked doubled shifts and weekends, never able to receive help with food, rent health, they paid out of pocket for every living expenses. My folks took English classes when they could, the only vacation I can remember was taking a weekend trip to the beach, the only time we spent away from home. …

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