“Where are you really from?”
Marie Zafimehy

A responder below, Taurus Olson said in his remarks ‘’It seems that people are reassured when they manage to label someone.’’ and I find this very apt and true.

I also believe that humans generally label, maybe I will be correct to say everyone does it, sometimes unknowingly and sometimes wilfully such that it becomes a prejudice of their minds… we could label to ‘identify’ people in our mind or label to ‘place’ people… the later is the trouble as we often put people in a box we have mentally carved out for them and we tend to deal with them that way, even if its just a ‘feel-good’ factor for us.

Generally, asking where a person is from isnt any bad, but going to use the word ‘really’ does suggest something, while it may just be something they are oblivious of and ordinarily meant no harm, the truth is they have over the times arrived at a point in their minds where they feel comfortable to have devised a method of labelling and placing people they believe are different from them based on the personal measurement they used.

I may be wrong but I do believe this sort of questioning often comes from a position of assumed control or strength and as such it is done with so much effrontery… living in South Africa I have been asked this question too many times that I often have to pause in my mind and wonder where the conversation was leading too and now living in UK, it hasnt exactly stopped, just a bit better than it was in Capetown.