A Dreamer’s Story

Back in January, I took Lisdy, a New Yorker and a Dreamer, as my special guest to President Trump’s address to the Joint Session of Congress.

Her story is familiar to many young, hardworking New Yorkers. She’s a student. She gives back to her community. Above all, she loves her family and her home.

On the night of the address, she mentioned that while she felt uncertain about the political environment, the chance to listen to the president’s speech was “an incredible opportunity.”

It makes me sick to my stomach to think that, in one fell swoop, this same president thrust this girl’s future into complete uncertainty.

After this week’s DACA announcement, Lisdy doesn’t know what might happen to her or her family. She’s afraid that she might be sent back to a country that she doesn’t know.

She’s just one of 800,000 people across the country living with this pain.

It is our moral responsibility to fight back. It’s time to pass the DREAM Act for Lisdy and for the hundreds of thousands of young people whose futures remain uncertain.

They deserve to stay in this country. They deserve a clear path to citizenship.

I hope you’re in this fight with me.