Some quick thoughts on the AHCA (and how we can move forward)

The American Health Care Act that just passed in the House is an atrocious piece of legislation. It’ll take away coverage for millions of Americans, gut protections for those with pre-existing conditions, and force older Americans to pay more for their care.

I want to offer my thoughts on what we should be doing instead.

It’s clear to me from talking to families across New York State that Obamacare isn’t perfect. Democrats can’t stick their head in the sand. It’s still too expensive for too many Americans. But there are ways to improve on the current system, ways that we can make it even more affordable.

The best way to do it is to create a not-for-profit public option that will cut insurance companies out of the equation to lower premiums, RX drug costs, and out of pocket costs. This should not be a partisan idea. In fact, when I won my first House race in a majority Republican district, voters embraced it.

People are tired of the nonsense. What they want is for us to step up with real solutions.

My point: if my Republican colleagues want to actually improve the system instead of score political points, there are ways to move forward that can actually help the American people. We owe that much to our constituents.

But in the meantime, I’ll be fighting back hard against this awful health care bill.