Making Health Care For Our 9/11 Heroes Permanent
Kirsten Gillibrand

The time for Congress to act to #renew911health is Now!

It’s a moral outrage that the 9/11 health program was allowed to expire at the end of September. But it’s even more shameful that so many of our brave first responders have had to return to Washington yet again to walk the halls of Congress because we have failed to act.

It’s well past time that we passed a permanent extension of the James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act so our heroes have the peace of mind that the health care they deserve and have earned will continue to be there for them.

We now have 66 bipartisan co-sponsors in the U.S. Senate and 259 in the House. We have the support on both sides of the aisle to pass this bill, we just need the political will and leadership to get it over the finish line.

Since 9/11 of this year, we’ve lost 19 more first responders to their 9/11 related illnesses, 7 in the last month alone.

How many more of our heroes need to die before there is a sense of urgency in the Senate? This bill can’t be put off until next month, or next year, or next Congress.

Leadership needs to take action, they need to do their job, and Congress needs to pass this bill now.

How You Can Help

Please join the fight, make your voice heard.

  1. Contact Your Members of Congress.

Send your U.S. Senators and Representative a message urging support for the James Zadroga Re-Authorization Act, let them know it’s our moral obligation.

2. Urge Your Friends and Followers to Make Their Voices Heard

Use our share page to amplify this message to your online networks. Tweetand Facebook your support for this important legislation.

3. Respond to this post using Medium’s Response function below and let your followers know you support this effort.

Thank you for your continued support and for making your voices heard on behalf of our 9/11 heroes!