Here are five big races I’m watching this cycle where candidates are absolutely depending on grassroots support to win. If we lose in these states, there’s no way Democrats can take back the Senate. That’s why I’m asking you to get involved wherever and however you can:

Claire McCaskill

On top of the millions pouring into Missouri from right-wing groups to defeat Claire, President Trump has been to the state five times so far to campaign against her. But she’s only down by 1 point in the polls, so #TodayWeAct to help her fight back and close this crucial gap before Nov. 6.

Bill Nelson

If Bill loses in November, we’ll lose our chance to take back the Senate. We can’t let that happen — not with Rick Scott ready to stand by President Trump’s dangerous agenda if he wins. #TodayWeAct to make sure Bill has the support he needs to protect his seat in Florida and stay in the Senate.

Jacky Rosen

Jacky is running in Nevada to flip a crucial red seat blue and stand up in the Senate for the fundamental rights of women. #TodayWeAct to make sure she can cross the finish line in November and help take back the Democratic majority.

Kyrsten Sinema

Kyrsten is fighting to defeat the millions being spent by right-wing groups so she can flip Arizona blue, take back the Senate and hold President Trump accountable. And she’s counting on us to help her do it. #TodayWeAct to get Kyrsten the support she needs to win in November.

Joe Donnelly

Joe has fought with me in some of our toughest, most important fights — like defending access to affordable health care. That’s why President Trump and his allies are working overtime to defeat Joe in November. #TodayWeAct to make sure Joe wins his race for reelection.