Our House Candidacy

Over the past year, it has been my privilege to serve our illustrious nation in the Senate as well as two terms in the House of Representatives. My ultimate purpose in public service was to make sure, ultimately, that people just like you are represented.

What We’ve Done

  • Beginning as a public defender and later a prosecutor, I joined the Department of Justice in early 2016 and remained for most of that year, in jurisprudence; helping to ensure proper function of our justice system until December.
  • I had the great honor of serving as a Representative, starting July 2, 2016. During my tenure, I worked with my colleagues to ensure the passage of common-sense reforms such as the Gun Control Reform Act of 2016 (GCRA), which only would halt the sale of Blood Bath and Beyond weapons to those who are Arrest on Sight. Following this, became the House Minority Whip, and a month later, House Minority Leader as well as being ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee.
  • On November 18, 2016, I had the opportunity to serve in the greatest honor of my career thus far — the Senate. Possibly our greatest achievement was introducing the idea of states in a way that would work, the very way the Union in real life did it — by accepting states that want to join. It also would give the opportunity to create new governmental positions including individual legislatures and gubernatorial spots. This idea was entitled the “Ratification of States Act”, which I will further elaborate on later.

What We’ll Do

Now’s the time for action. Our nation has so much potential for growth, it just needs to be harnessed. We need new ideas that you the citizens develop, so I will always do my job and hear you out as a constituent.

I will re-present the Ratification of States Act.

We have so much opportunity for growth, and we can do this by offering newer positions which could go toward ultimately running for the federal Congress. Many legislators are very open to the idea of states being ratified, however have not had much exposure to it as a so-called “states act” has been presented before. But this one was different. I looked into all the bills before now that proposed the principle, but not the very specifications it would take in order to become a state. They attempted to accept all 50 states at once, which was literally insane. That doesn’t work simply because it’s too much bureaucracy for the government to handle, and rather states should be founded by citizens like you who are most competent to get done what they believe is needed.

I will hear you out.

Some politicians nowadays are willing to do this. They are so self-absorbed in their own talk that they don’t accomplish a thing. That’s not me. When I am elected, I’m going to work on the people that voted for me’s behalf, not the stereotypical Washington establishment’s.

I will work across party lines.

This is not a time for partisanship. We are in very dangerous times concerning our nation, and Congress has to unify on some issues in order to make this country great again.

I will work vigorously to propose anti-corruption legislation.

If the Office Act were to be passed, I would post a vote to repeal it to ensure that government corruption does not occur. If passed, this could essentially allow for a President to be their own Vice President, which is not practical and contradicts our constitutional foundations.

With all these things, I’d like to again announce my candidacy for the United States House of Representatives. This is not my prospect as a representative of the people, it is ours.

If you would like more information regarding joining my staff, contact me on Twitter or on Discord at Sen. Jeff Sessions#1010.

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