Stopping at the iconic Sinclair station in Elberta.

A Visit to Eureka, Utah

Mike Lee
Mike Lee
May 2, 2018 · 3 min read

This past Tuesday I had the privilege of joining Doug Wright for a live broadcast of his show on KSL Radio in Eureka, Utah.

Eureka has a charming Main Street, remnants of a former day when it was a bustling mining town, part of the Tintic Mining District. Mining entrepreneurs made their wealth from gold and silver and other minerals in the area.

Eureka Main Street

Mobile Office & Doug Wright Show

Doug Wright will be entering semi-retirement soon, and one of his bucket list items was to do his show from Eureka, which just happens to be his hometown. My office teamed up with him and held a mobile office visit in the same building where he was broadcasting. My staff holds mobile offices all over the state, and has now held nearly 900 mobile offices since I took office. The mobile office is a chance for people to come and ask questions, voice their opinion, and get help with dealing with federal agencies. We’ve been able to assist a large number of Utahns with issues related to VA benefits, Social Security, immigration, and more.

Senator Mike Lee on the Doug Wright Show from Eureka, Utah

I joined Doug Wright live during the 10 o’clock hour. We discussed the opioid crisis and I talked about some of the research done by my staff on the Joint Economic Committee. The research shows the troubling rise in opioid overdose deaths in the United States. Utah is not immune to this disturbing trend, and I am committed to finding ways to combat this epidemic.

Tintic High School Students

We were joined during the radio broadcast by a group of students from Tintic High School. They were able to participate and ask questions on the air. They asked me about school safety, federal spending, and more. One student asked me what the hardest part of my job was. I told her that one of the most difficult aspects of my job is communicating to people how dire certain situations are, such as our national debt.

Thank you to the Tintic School District for hosting us, to Doug Wright and his team, and to my staff for the great work they do.

Mike Lee

Written by

Mike Lee

I am a United States Senator from the great state of Utah. Please help me restore constitutional leadership to Washington!

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