Delicate and dainty jewellery makes a comeback!

The striking change in the lifestyle and fashion of the modern women is something to look out for. Mix and match is the new mantra. Women are constantly upgrading their wardrobe and with that their dainty jewellery. Be it designer neckpieces, or street side stores, delicate neckwear, earring and accessories are ruling the roost and you can see that with everyday fashion. Stackable rings with subtle jewellery are the best way to add a new dimension to any old outfit. Pair your favourite outfit with some high definition earrings and you are good to go.

The trend has majorly shifted to layered necklaces that add a certain amount of drama to your overall look. The pieces don’t have to be too big or chunky. A thin-layered chain or adding different designs to create a dainty jewellery look can work too. Especially in the blazing summer heat, the last you want to do is pile on huge chunky pieces. And hence delicate pieces are a perfect fit to lift up your whole outfit and add a dash of elegance without hoarding too much attention. The idea is to wear jewellery that resonates with any women’s personal style.

The best of the lot of delicate accessories is stackable rings and midi rings. The concept of midi rings took the fashion scene by storm in the past few months and since then every fashionista has been sporting some sort of silver midi rings. The layering effect is no longer limited to wardrobe choices or even necklace choices. With stackable rings and midi fingers making such huge splash in the market, people are more interested to experiment with the concept and add their own touch of style to it. Boundaries are being pushed and people are embracing their inner quirkiness by filling their hands with tons of rings. Fashion’s relaxed silhouettes call for casual accessories, including layered looks on the hand.

Many celebrities have been sporting this trend now. Rihanna loves her set of delicate midi rings and finger rings and her statement bracelets. The pop star, who is considered a fashion diva in the west is highly glamorous and has added to this trend with her cute bauble earrings for women. Many fashion and accessories brand started producing these dainty pieces and they are a huge hit. Add in a barely there midi ring, which is delicate and pair it up with a rather blingy piece or 2–3 smaller pieces.

Minimalistic geometric patterns are a huge hit right now! The market is swarming with well-cut and well-defined edgy pieces that have a touch of elegance to them. Unique designs, fragile structure and a quirky aspect is all that you need to complete your look. Brands are now echoing the demands of modern women and moulding to their styles and statements. Be it your classic accessories or dainty jewellery, you can find all sorts of products in the market that will not only suit your personal style but also add a dramatic sharpness to each outfit that your pair it with.

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