Do Hatha yoga to improve flexibility of the body

Lifestyle diseases like diabetes are incurable and doctors are continuously researching to invent medication. Meanwhile, mankind has developed several ways to minimize the effects of diabetes and keep the blood sugar level low. One of such ways to counter the worsening of diabetes is the ancient practice of Hatha yoga. Yoga consists of several postural and aerobic exercises which not only provides body coordination and flexibility but also keeps the mind stress free for a long time, which eventually keeps the level of blood sugar at the minimum. Here are five simple yoga poses which are specifically known for being able to thwart the increase of blood sugar.

1. Pranayam
Pranayam involves deep breathing both inwards and outwards in a rhythmic manner. This asana is extremely helpful in oxygenating the blood and clearing up toxicity. The asana is also very simple to perform. It only requires an upright sitting posture in the lotus shape while doing the breaking practices. It can be performed at home as well as in gyms which offer yoga classes.

2. Vajrasana
It is also simple posture in which the practitioner needs to kneel on a yoga mat with the heels pointing upwards and hands resting on the thighs. This asana is a great stress-reliever and it is also known to trigger hormonal secretions for the benefit of the body. Gymnasiums which offer yoga classes with expert trainers, always talk about the advantages of Vajrasana.

3. Balasana
This asana relieves back and abdomen pain and also provides stretch training to the feet and the ankles. You just need to sit on the floor with the pressure of your body on your knees. Now, with deep breaths you would stretch your back and touch the ground with your fingers. This asana is a form of Hatha yoga which helps in removing fatigue.

4. Saravangasana
Besides controlling the level of sugar in bloodstream, this asana is extremely beneficial for thyroid disorders, reproductive health and general metabolism. In this posture, you need to raise your whole body upwards with your body pressure on your shoulders. You must remember that you can continue to remain in the posture until you get uncomfortable. It is advisable to practice this asana as a part of prenatal yoga in Dubai under the supervision of a Yoga expert, you can associate with in any fitness centre in the city.

5. Halasana
This asana is considered as one of the best exercise for the maintenance of the right posture of the body. This asana requires regular practice as it is comparatively a difficult one. It involves lying on the ground with the back downwards and allowing the feet to touch the ground over the head. This posture is extremely helpful for the strengthening of back and hip muscles, besides its diabetes controlling power.

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