Find inner peace by practising hatha yoga

The world today presents a host of conveniences but also manifests a wide range of diseases. Most of these are caused by wrong lifestyle decisions leading to an unbalanced increase in weight. There are innumerable ways in which weight can be lost and an optimum weight can be reached. This world of exercise and fitness has an entire gamut of different exercise options and the best one can be chosen depending on the level of fitness, flexibility, stamina and type of personality a person has.

Earlier when people spoke of exercise, they usually meant only one kind that is walking or running but today exercise involves a combination of various things and this is what is called workout plans. It is possible only for a qualified trainer to come up with a good plan that is a combination of several kinds of exercise. Primarily this usually begins with a warm up that is a series of exercises that warm the muscles and prevent injury. The exercise programme is usually a combination of cardio and weight training. The former helps in burning fat and the latter in building muscle. A greater percentage of muscle leads to a higher basal metabolic rate which is the rate at which the body burns fat even at rest. An exercise session is usually followed by a stretching session that ensures that all the major muscles are stretched and relaxed so that they are not injured. Thus all good weight loss begins with a well-planned workout plan.

There are many exercise programmes that have been devised in recent years according to the beliefs and systems followed by their makers. One such programme that originated in the US are the pilates exercises. It evolved in the twentieth century and is a combination of boxing, gymnastics and Greco Roman wrestling. It has a host of benefits like improved posture, making the joints more flexible, toning the muscles and relieving stress. It is performed on a mat or uses specialised equipment like the Reformer, the Cadillac and the Wunda chair. It aims at providing both resistance and support and can even relieve serious problems like chronic back pain and obesity.

All good exercise programmes positively affect both the mind and the body as the optimum levels of fitness reached give a boost to the mind as well. An exercise programme that works on both the body and the mind right from the beginning is hatha yoga, an ancient form of exercise that evolved in India thousands of years ago. Hatha means force and this form of exercise aims at releasing the mental and physical force of the individual. It basically comprises of meditation, postures and breathing exercises and revitalises the individual in an effective manner.

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