How to Look Ravishing and Trendy with Silver Statement Necklace ?

It is hard to find women who don’t love jewellery. And, when you find them they might express their love for the glittering piece which clings around their neck, enfolds their fingers, and hugs their wrists. Among many types of jewellery in London, statement jewellery has found a special place in the trends today. From red carpet stars to ramp walk models everyone can adorn them. It is bold, chunky, and instantly makes your outfit from being a drab to fab. Since it attracts a lot of attention wearing them appropriately is a great challenge.

So, are you wondering how this statement jewellery in London came to existence in first place? The roots of this style can be traced to North African nations and the Middle East. Among them, Egyptians were particularly very fond of jewellery, long earrings, fully studded collar necklace, and finger rings, etc. Most of the modern jewellery is now inspired from these ancient designs.

If you want to create laid-back yet fashion forward statement, then go for gold pendant necklace which goes with anything. It is an interesting alternative to a bib necklace especially when you have short neck. Another great thing about these necklaces is that they can be used for layering to create a modern art form on your neck. Here are a few tips on how you can up your style quotient with necklaces.

  • If you are saving money and don’t want to invest in a new dress, then take your day dress pair it with chunky pendant necklace along with stud earrings and shimmering shoes. You are now set to rock the night.
  • Pendant necklace is not very bright yet has a shine which can be worn for work. Pair it up with a pencil skirt and crisp blouse.
  • When it is summer and if you have to attend some event, the ideal way is to wear a pair of jeans with a casual top and let the pendant fill in your neckline.
  • Don’t be hesitant to mix and match chunky necklace with delicate ones for layering. It will surely give you a graduated look.

Alternatively, silver pendant necklaces are a great alternative if you are not very comfortable wearing gold. They are equally bold, daring, and equally versatile. Another advantage is that it will go with anything you already have and saves time to look for a new dress to match with your accessory.

  • Jazz up your little black dress with this silver statement necklace and finish it with a pair of strappy heels.
  • When you pair silver jewellery with your jeans, top, and a cardigan it doesn’t take away the original style and just enhances it.

Remember, floral or vintage pieces will look stunning with floral outfit while the ones with beads will give you a boho look. While wearing statement jewellery, make sure it is not crowded and stands out.

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