Things to know about pools in Dubai

Swimming is the best form of aerobic exercise. Swimming helps in muscle development of the body and stamina growth. Swimming also makes the body flexible and increases the coordination quotient of the body. Swimming increases speed and enhances the movement of limb at the joints. Besides, swimming also enhances lung capacity. However, one should be careful while registering oneself for any particular swimming class. There are a few things you need to keep in mind while joining any swimming routine. A few of these are as follows.

  1. Water quality
    The quality and cleanliness factor of the water of the swimming pool is probably the most important thing to be considered while joining a swimming class. If chlorine is used to purify the water, you must check whether the chlorine will harm your skin and hair or not. Most pools in Dubai do maintain hygiene and that is a very good thing.
  2. Safety standards
    Drowning in a swimming pool is not very uncommon. However, the rate of such incidents is diminishing day by day due to the inventions of different techniques for maintaining safety in the pools. Nevertheless, you should be wary about the type of security standards maintained by your pool. Safety standards should be maintained when rescuing someone from drowning in the water, in the design of the pool and also in the speed of emptying the pool. The good thing is that swimming pools in Dubai offer assurance over security.
  3. Temperature
    The temperature of the pool must be optimum and in accordance with the weather. Extra warm water during cold days and extra chilly water during hot days might not only be uncomfortable to the swimmer, but also can be harmful for the skin. You should get the assurance that the temperature of the swimming pool is adjustable.
  4. Personal trainer
    A personal trainer in Dubai or anywhere else, must be present during every swimming class. The need for a personal trainer is not only for security reasons but also to understand the mistakes in movements one makes while swimming. The personal trainers of swimming pools must be trained and experienced. The personal trainer should also be approachable and gentle in his or her conduct.
  5. Amenities
    Apart from the aforementioned parameters, the parameter which can be judged to compare among the best swimming pools in Dubai is the array of special amenities offered by the swimming pool. However, it is not very wise to look only at the quantity of the amenities and neglecting the quality. There are certain amenities which might not be relevant to your needs at all. It is wise not to consider such amenities and focus on the amenities that matter to you.
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