Our Plan for a $50 Billion Child Care Bailout

By Senators Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and Tina Smith (D-MN)

  • Aid to keep providers in business and all workers on payroll: Closures necessary to prevent the spread of the virus have left tens of thousands of child care providers without revenue to pay their workers or their basic operating expenses. And families cannot afford to pay for care they aren’t receiving, which means revenue for providers has essentially dried up overnight. Our plan provides emergency funding to save the sector from collapse and to prevent more unemployment. Providers could use these funds to fully pay their staff, cover their mortgage or rent payments, provide employee benefits, and other operational expenses. Our plan also ensures that providers have the funding necessary to train workers on new health and safety procedures and to provide families with virtual learning opportunities and mental health support.
  • Long-term investments to prepare the child care market for when Americans can get back to work: Beyond the immediate need to keep the industry afloat during this emergency, our plan helps rebuild the system to ensure that more families have access to high-quality, affordable child care when the pandemic ends. This includes improving child care infrastructure and increasing wages for child care workers, which would further boost our economic recovery when this pandemic is over. These structural investments are key to ensure the sector is prepared to care for the children of all Americans trying to get back to work once we are beyond this crisis.

United States Senator, Massachusetts

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