#ProtectOurCare: Senate Democrats Fight to Protect Our Healthcare Law in Texas v. United States

Senate Democrats
Jul 10 · 2 min read

Yesterday, Senate Democrats took to the steps of the Capitol to display the faces of everyday Americans living with pre-existing conditions who depend on the Affordable Care Act to survive.

Millions of Americans could lose health care coverage as a result of Republicans attempting to repeal our health care law through the Texas v. United States lawsuit, which began oral hearings yesterday. The lawsuit aims to make our health care law unconstitutional — but we know that it is dire to the lives and livelihood of the American people.

If Republicans win in Texas v. United States, families nationwide will lose their health care and the critical provisions that protect those living with pre-existing conditions.

This will hurt children like Emilie, a seven-year-old from Hopewell Junction, New York who suffered a severe traumatic brain injury from falling off a horse in 2015. Emilie’s recovery process has been long and daunting but thanks to the Affordable Care Act, she can never be denied coverage because of her pre-existing condition.

Or young people like Elsie, an eight-year-old from Nevada who was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis at birth. Elsie depends on over one hundred pills per week to maintain her debilitating disease.

Our health care law has given peace of mind to families like Emilie’s and Elsie’s who otherwise would face unimaginable costs and barriers to necessary and lifesaving health care.

Democrats are fighting hard to keep the health care protections of millions of everyday Americans a legislative priority in the Senate.

But if Republicans prevail in repealing our health care law, the crucial protections for millions of everyday, working class Americans will be obliterated overnight. The stakes cannot be higher.

When President Trump declares that the Republican party will be the “party of health care”- Senate Democrats call out hypocrisy as Republicans under the leadership of the Trump administration attempt to strip away health protections from millions of Americans.

We won’t let President Trump take away our health care without fighting tooth and nail to protect it. And we will not stop until we succeed.

Senate Democrats

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