WATCH: Senate Democrats are Fighting to Protect our Health Care Law

Senate Democrats
Jun 25 · 1 min read

Today, Senate Democrats joined families and patients live on Facebook for one reason: The American people want us to protect their health care.

We have to stop the Trump administration sabotage that is leading to higher costs and lower quality health care.

One of the most dangerous decisions by the Trump administration in the last two years was to not defend the constitutionality of pre-existing condition protections in court.

Up to 130 million Americans rely on these protections. And even though President Trump and Republicans in Congress say they support these protections, the Trump Administration is actively suing to eliminate them.

What can we do here in Congress? The Democratic majority in the House has passed legislation that would reverse the Trump Administration’s efforts to weaken protections for pre-existing conditions.

But here in the Senate? Nothing. No debate, no legislation, no votes.

Leader McConnell has slowly but surely turned the Senate into a legislative graveyard, where even the most consequential legislation gets buried, indefinitely.

So why won’t the Republican Leader commit to at least bring up legislation to protect Americans with pre-existing conditions, something that many of his Republican colleagues claim to support?

Senate Democrats

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