13 Scary Things the Obama Administration Did This Year

Trick or… Nope, just tricks.

1. The deficit increased by 34 percent in 2016, and the national debt now stands at nearly $20 trillion.

source: giphy.com

2. The economy is already moving like the dead, but Obama’s Treasury Department issued regulations to make businesses pay more taxes, hurting more American jobs.

source: comedycentral.com

3. Played political games with Zika funding instead of working with Congress to protect Americans from Zika.

source: bugofff.com

4. Doubled down on net neutrality and other ghoulish telecom regulations that spook innovation.

source: gifsec.com

5. Agreed to pay a $1.7 billion cash “not a ransom” on the same weekend Iran released American hostages.

source: americanfilminstitute.tumblr.com

6. Obama STILL hasn’t released the report on how much his regulations cost taxpayers. It’s typically released in March — what’s the administration hiding?

source: tumblr.com

7. Obama admin’s damaging overtime regulations will hurt American employers and downgrade salaried employees into hourly positions.

source: hobolunchbox.com

8. Obama’s EPA spilled toxic waste into the Animas River… and Obama’s Justice Department refused to prosecute.

source: simpsonsworld.com

9. Implemented dangerous Iran nuclear deal even though Iran cheated on the agreement before it began.

source: dr-myri-blog.blogspot.com

10. Announced a ceasefire in Syria with Russia, which Russia promptly violated by bombing civilians, hospitals, and first responders.

source: 3dptnj.blogspot.com

11. Proposed a budget that was so wildly liberal it was dead on arrival in Congress.

source: giphy.com

12. Forced mandatory health care models on Medicare patients and doctors, interfering with drugs and treatments, cardiac care and joint replacements.

source: knucklesrex.tumblr.com

13. Refused to give Americans relief from Obamacare’s unaffordable premiums, higher taxes, fewer choices, and unworkable regulations.

Source: gifake.net

It’s been 8 years of all tricks and no treats, but never fear, the Obama administration is almost over…

Happy Halloween.

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