Obamacare is failing Americans

These 4 charts say it all.

Last week, Senate Democrats introduced a resolution praising Obamacare and pleading to give Americans more of it with a government-run insurance plan. While record numbers of people are hurting under this law, Democrats are trying desperately to spin it as a success.

Open enrollment doomsday

Americans face higher premiums and fewer options when open enrollment begins on November 1, just one week before the election. The health care law remains unpopular. In a Gallup poll earlier this month, 29 percent of Americans said Obamacare has personally hurt them and their family. And 36 percent said they expect Obamacare to make their family’s health care situation worse in the long run.

Premiums soar across the country

Under Obamacare, premiums are skyrocketing. The average approved premium increase for Obamacare-compliant plans in the individual market is 26 percent. Republicans have introduced a bill to exempt people from the individual mandate if their premiums rise by more than 10 percent.

Large insurers run for the exits

Insurers are exiting Obamacare exchanges, leaving a third of the country with just one option. Three of the largest insurers in the country have decided to leave most Obamacare markets. In addition, nearly 1 million people have lost their insurance as 17 of the 23 state co-ops collapsed. Republicans have introduced a bill to exempt Americans from the health care law’s individual mandate if they have fewer than two exchange options.

Obamacare death spiral gains speed

It becomes clearer each week that Obamacare has entered a “death spiral.”

Relatively healthy Americans don’t think expensive Obamacare is a good value, and they aren’t buying it. The risk pool in an insurance plan becomes less healthy and more expensive. To cover this more expensive group, insurers raise premiums or leave markets altogether, which forces premiums even higher.