On Health Care, Your Voice Matters


The latest “health care” bill has unleashed a wave of anxiety. People are calling our office distraught, some even in tears. Parents are concerned their sick children will lose coverage. Families are afraid they will once again find themselves an illness away from bankruptcy. Doctors and nurses are worried their small town clinic may close.

I’ve heard your stories in town halls across Colorado, in calls and letters to my office, and from posts on social media.

Thank you for your engagement and advocacy. Your voices and priorities should drive what we do in Congress.

Sadly, the Senate health care bill fails to fix a single, significant problem you have asked us to address.

Instead, it:

· Forces Americans to pay more out-of-pocket for worse coverage;

· Kicks 22 million Americans off their health insurance;

· Devastates Medicaid with a $770 billion cut;

· Weakens protections from annual and lifetime caps used by insurance companies to deny care; and

· Strips the Affordable Care Act’s guaranteed coverage for maternity care and addiction treatment.

You could not design a bill less responsive to what Coloradans want us to do on health care, and I will fight it at every step.

This week, I spoke against the bill on the Senate floor and in the Denver Post. I joined patients from across the country who would face higher costs and lower-quality care should this proposal became law.

In the end, we can only stop this bill if you speak up. Congress needs to hear from you right now — the coming weeks may decide the fate of health care across America.

We should set this bill aside and start over. Both parties need to work together to lower costs, expand choices, and provide affordable, high-quality health care for every American.

You deserve at least that. And that will remain our focus for as long as I have the privilege to represent you.


    Senator Michael Bennet

    Written by

    U.S. Senator for Colorado