Celebrating 35 Years of Helping Wyoming Small Businesses

By Wyoming Senator Mike Enzi

Running a small business is not a simple task. Entrepreneurs need to be able to manage every aspect of their business, from finances to customers. In order to help these business owners navigate the challenges they face, Small Business Development Centers (SBDC) were established 35 years ago. I recently cosponsored a Senate resolution celebrating this historic anniversary and sharing my appreciation for the great work the SBDC does in Wyoming.

There are 63 Small Business Development Centers in the United States, with at least one in every state and the District of Columbia. Over the past 35 years, Small Business Development Centers have assisted more than 22.5 million small businesses nationwide and have served a diverse demographic of clients. For example, 44 percent of their clients are women and nine percent are veterans.

The SBDC assists business owners from start-up to exiting. Eighty businesses have opened their doors in Wyoming with the help of the SBDC. Some of the areas of expertise include risk management, tax consulting, accounting and bookkeeping systems. The Wyoming SBDC offers confidential one-on-one business advising at no charge. They also offer training events virtually and throughout the state at minimal cost and their impact across the state is significant. In 2014, the Wyoming SBDC assisted 1,634 clients, held 61 training events and had a capital impact in Wyoming of almost $14 million. Over seventeen years of assisting clients, they have worked with over 40,000 across the state.

When a small business flourishes, so does the surrounding community. The Wyoming SBDC is an integral part of the state network that understands this to be true and works daily to help businesses thrive. I am proud to support them in their efforts to help entrepreneurs and commend their work to make the American Dream more attainable for entrepreneurs today.