At just five months old, Emily Kim Ae Sun Hunter’s entire world changed. Emily and her twin sister moved across the globe from their birthplace of Seoul, South Korea to the Granite State after being adopted.

However, growing up in a predominately white community came with its challenges. The sisters quickly learned what it was like to be the only people of color in a room and were also the target of hate.

Fueled by her past experiences, Emily decided she wanted to make a change in her community. …

New Hampshire is home to beautiful natural treasures including the White Mountains, the Seacoast, and our pristine forests and lakes. And over the past year, our stunning natural environment has served as a refuge more than ever as we spent more time outdoors amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Climate change threatens some of those beautiful places, and the health of our people, our way of life, and our economy. Without significant action, New Hampshire — like places around the world — will continue to see increased flooding, unseasonable temperatures, and more frequent and more severe extreme weather events.

In the Senate…

“Loser” is just about the last thing anybody wants to be called. But Olivia Van Ledtje — better known as Liv — was continuously finding herself on the receiving end of her classmates’ name-calling.

This bullying took a swing at Liv’s confidence, but after a while, she reached out to adults in her life for help. During that time, she turned to books and, in an effort to find her voice, began filming “LivBits,” short videos where she talks about some of her favorite stories.

Senator Hassan meets with Olivia Van Ledtje in 2017.

Liv was surprised when one of her first videos took off — receiving over 500,000…

Eleven years after Vernis Jackson moved to Portsmouth, she began her work elevating the stories and cultures of African Americans on the Seacoast.

After recognizing the lack of a formal community for African American women, she helped organize the first chartered organization for African American Women in New Hampshire, known as Kwanza.

But Vernis did not stop there — she wanted to do more. …

In this week’s trial, our country has relived the chilling and un-American assault on the foundations of our democracy. New video footage reinforced both the brutality of the rioters and also the heroism of members of law enforcement who, just barely, prevented further loss of life. The personal threat of that day, however, is not nearly as troubling as the threat to our democracy.

After listening to the arguments from the House Managers and former President Trump’s defense, I voted in favor of the article of impeachment. As dangerous as Donald Trump’s actions were over the course of the months…

When Elliot Perry, a Bedford Memorial Elementary School fourth-grader, was born four months prematurely, doctors gave him an eighteen percent chance of survival.

Elliot spent his first 121 days at the Children’s Hospital at Dartmouth Hitchcock (CHaD). Despite his initial struggles, Elliot beat all the odds with the help of the incredible medical team at CHaD– and he’s grown into a healthy fourth grader who loves giving back.

Senator Hassan at Rockingham Brewery

New Hampshire’s craft breweries are an important part of our state’s economy and provide a vibrant space for locals and tourists alike to gather and socialize.

I was glad to lead bipartisan efforts to permanently extend a reduction in excise taxes for craft breweries in the government funding bill.

This important tax relief measure will help our craft breweries continue to grow, providing good jobs to members of their community, expanding their operations, and serving their customers. That’s why the New Hampshire Brewers Association and brewers across the state are so excited about it.

“For the past several years, New…

This past year was defined by the term “unprecedented.” As a nation — and as a global community — we watched as everything changed amid the COVID-19 pandemic. But despite the seemingly insurmountable challenges of 2020, good people stood up and found creative ways to help others.

As a Senator for New Hampshire, I’ve had the pleasure of recognizing Granite Staters who have met this moment with compassion, grace, and innovation.

Each month, I recognize a Granite Stater of the Month. These are outstanding New Hampshire citizens who represent our state’s values and all-hands-on-deck spirit.

While in past years I’ve…

When Sophomore Student Council Representative Emma LaPierre’s aunt received three cases of chocolate, she knew that there had been a mistake — she had ordered three boxes, not three cases. But when Emma’s aunt notified the vendor, they informed her that they could not take the extra chocolate back due to COVID-19 safety precautions.

Emma and the other students on Gorham Middle & High School’s Sophomore Student Council were selling the chocolate as part of a class fundraiser. …

The holiday season usually marks a time when family and friends gather together, but many Americans are planning different types of celebrations this year, choosing to help keep their loved ones and communities safe by following the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s guidelines. We all hope the hard decisions we make this year will allow us to be together next year.

Sadly, for too many families, the holidays are forever changed as they grieve the death of a loved one whose life was taken by this dangerous virus.

This year has also brought different hardships to many other American…

Senator Maggie Hassan

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