One of My Favorite Thanksgiving Traditions​

On Thanksgiving, families and friends across New Hampshire and America come together to celebrate all that we are thankful for. And to recognize that there are many who are struggling.

As I travel across our state, I am constantly inspired by the generosity and compassion of Granite Staters, and the willingness of the people in our state to give back to those who need it most.

That’s why one of my favorite holiday traditions is joining terrific volunteers at Harbor Homes in Nashua in helping to spread the holiday spirit and serve warm Thanksgiving meals to those in need. This year’s event was as vibrant and purposeful as ever!

Serving Thanksgiving Dinner at Harbor Homes.

As you and your loved ones celebrate this uniquely American day, I hope you draw inspiration, as I do, from your fellow Granite Staters who give back to their community, during the holiday season to be sure, but also throughout the year. They exhibit the all-hands-on-deck spirit that makes us who we are and they lead by example.

And I also hope you will take a minute to hold in your thoughts and prayers the men and women of the United States military stationed far from home and in harm’s way.

Happy Thanksgiving everybody.

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