The First Granite Stater of the Month of 2019: A Clothing Drive for Those in Need

For the first Granite Stater of the Month of 2019, I’m proud to recognize fifth grader Evelyn Ellis-Haines of Belmont for her work helping those in need. Through a youth civics program at her school, Evelyn launched a clothing drive, and with the support of her teachers and classmates, she collected more than 700 items to donate to some of our most vulnerable citizens in the Granite State.

Evelyn was inspired to start her clothing drive because, in her words, she “wanted to help people.” Addressing poverty is something that has always concerned Evelyn. Her family even recalls her making baked goods to give to people she saw experiencing homelessness and often asking why they could not do more to help them. When the opportunity to participate in New Hampshire’s Kid Governor Program arose, Evelyn created a platform based on addressing poverty and worked with her school to start a clothing drive. Every Monday in December she reminded her classmates during their school assembly to bring items to donate, which resulted in her collecting hundreds of items in just under a month.

Evelyn donated the items to the largest family shelter in her community and wants to continue working to help address poverty. She will be volunteering with the same organization this summer and hopes to expand her clothing drive beyond just her school. For her efforts to support her community and help those in need, I’m proud to recognize Evelyn as the January 2019 Granite Stater of the Month.

If you know a Granite Stater you’d like to nominate to be recognized, you can fill out a form on my website here.

This is the official Medium account of U.S. Senator Maggie Hassan of New Hampshire.

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