Half-Baked Health Plan

Political gambit more than serious policy

Some editorial boards can see right through a gambit. The San Gabriel Valley Tribune‘s Editorial Board lays it out in the piece below (also see Single-Payer).

The editorial board is demanding a thorough accounting. I’ve given you a full accounting of the state before, but let me repeat myself. There is a trend with which you can judge the state’s history of managing its finances. It is found in the Basic Financial Statements on the Balance Sheet.

Unrestricted Net Assets (or Deficit) for Governmental Activities of the State of California, from its Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports for the years 1999 to 2016

The State Controller has decided against including the unfunded retiree medical liability on the Balance Sheet, but $168.5 billion plus $76.7 billion puts the state at an actual deficit of $245.2 billion.

Although the University of California system is autonomous, under the current administration, it has been growing its Unrestricted Net Deficit to more than $11 billion
The California State University system is also in a deficit situation of more than $3 billion

California’s failed leadership has given the taxpayers the largest Unrestricted Net Deficit in the nation. Combined, it is more than a quarter-trillion-dollars!

California is not flush. It is like someone who has a massive credit card debt and wants to purchase an expensive luxury car. But, California is also trying to do it on the fly. No architect. No successful model. None of the three doctors in the Senate participating in its design. Consequently, one can only conclude that it is a stunt. But, too many good constituents believe this is a legitimate proposal and have been calling my offices asking me to support SB 562. To them, I apologize. I do not vote for pigs in a poke.

I’m still in Sacramento this Saturday. The Budget Conference Committee met into the late evening yesterday and are meeting all day today. Consequently, I will not be able to board the last available flight tonight to the OC. I will miss some wonderful traditions on Sunday, including the Costa Mesa Fish Fry and the Balboa Island Parade (my favorite). But, I’m having fun providing good fiscal counsel from the minority party’s perspective.

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