New Caucus Leader

The decision and the time line has arrived for the California State Senate Republican Caucus to make a peaceful transition in its leadership (see MOORLACH UPDATE — Sieve). The big questions have been resolved (“Who is willing to take it and when do we do it?”).

Please allow me to announce and welcome our new Leader, Sen. Pat Bates (see MOORLACH UPDATE — Senate Resolution 8).

The first piece below is out of Bakersfield, in the Tehachapi News and The Californian, and provides all of the details. The job of Caucus Leader is very critical. The Leader gets to herd cats, recruit candidates, and raise money. Sen. Fuller did a very good job. It’s just very unfortunate that the results were not as positive as we all wished they could have been.

I will do my best, again, to assist the Leader. At least this time I’m not involved in two major campaigns in two years. And I have a model to pursue: the State of Kentucky. More on this later.

The East Bay Times provides an editorial submission in the second piece below. It’s great when citizens understand the gravity of the pension crisis in California and are appreciative of our reform efforts with SB 32 (see MOORLACH UPDATE — PEPRA 2 With SB 32). More on this later, too.

Fuller steps down as state senate Republican leader

“(Fuller) has been calling all of us to say, ‘Hey, are you interested,’” Sen. John Moorlach, R-Costa Mesa, told the Times on March 1. “The question is, who is willing to take it and when do we do it?”

My Word: Why are we crippling our kids with our retirement?

To get the government’s own house in order, California State Sen. John Moorlach is pursuing a 2017 “SB 32”-type initiative to cut California’s unfunded liabilities at CalPERS down from the current $168 billion to the near zero 1980 levels. It is a parallel approach to the decade-old emissions crusade to roll back state emissions to 1980 levels.
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