Obtain Prepayment Sizzle

The Governor’s proposal to borrow funds from a surplus account to prepay CalPERS is garnering plenty of reactions. The first piece below is mine, at the behest of Fox & Hounds, which also appears in the Record Searchlight out of Redding. The second piece, from the California Policy Center, would be a good counter.

The initial analyses of the Governor’s proposal all express a healthy skepticism of this being done right. The Legislative Analyst’s Office put out a report on the Governor’s proposal and suggests that the Legislature give their due process and not rush to pass this with the budget package on June 15. This is consistent with my encouragement of the Governor to negotiate a solid deal with CalPERS and that the Legislature should be a part of the discussion. I want to fix pensions. And on this issue, I prefer a “Yes, but” approach to simply saying “No.”

I have found it awkward when colleagues on the other side of the aisle speak ill of President Ronald Reagan whenever he is honored in a Senate Resolution. Consequently, I stayed politely quiet when President Barack Obama was honored and I even voted for the bill. My votes usually are not called out, but the Pasadena Star-News did in the piece below.

In the fourth and final piece, the Daily Pilot hints at a potential third run for Costa Mesa City Council, this time for a newly created Mayor’s seat, by someone who has already dedicated sixteen years of his life to this community. It caught me by surprise, as no one, including the former Mayor, discussed the possibility with me. The fun life continues.

Answering May Revise Questions — May 11, 2017
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