Stinky Budget Tactics

The world-famous LA Times columnist, George Skelton, uses his pen to address the craziness of budget trailer bills.

One of the trailer bills that shows how low the Democrats will go, even retroactively, impacts the current recall effort of a state Senator. Changing the rules in the middle of the game is not a new tactic used by the monopoly party.

I provided an example or two in my Floor speech in opposition to a law that truly does stink

This is not my first George Skelton column. The last time he mentioned me, I was referred to as intriguing and a fiscal watchdog.

He also quoted me during the 2004 Proposition 71 campaign, where I stated the measure was a financial boondoggle.

For more on Proposition 71, see MOORLACH UPDATE — Budget Conference Committee.

The Orange County Breeze was kind enough to provide my office’s press release on the budget in the piece below.

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