Protecting Dreamers

This month, Congress faces critical deadlines to act on a number of issues. And one of the most important is the fate of 800,000 young immigrants — including 7,000 in New Mexico. They were brought to the United States as children by their parents who were fleeing danger or seeking better opportunities for their families. We call them Dreamers because, like so many immigrants before them, their greatest wish is to live the American Dream. In 2012, the government allowed them to apply for legal status if they continued to go to school or work and maintained a clean record. But last year, President Trump ended that program. And unless Congress can agree on a solution soon, these Dreamers will lose their right to work and live in the only country they have ever known.

I am pushing for a permanent solution that will protect these brave young people. And I am working as hard as I can to share their stories so that everyone can see that we all will lose if we fail to help them. As part of that effort, we interviewed seven Dreamers from New Mexico. They are as American as we are — they work, attend school, and volunteer in their communities.

Watch these Dreamers’ powerful stories:

We owe Dreamers real certainty: we must pass into law permanent protections for Dreamers, and we cannot delay any longer. Republicans control the Senate, the House, and the presidency, and they have a decision to make: bring the country together, or continue dividing us. I believe families in New Mexico and across America want more than rhetoric — they want results. Raise your voice and help push Congress to pass the #DreamActNow.