Happy Birthday To Us ☺

SendBeatsTo is now just over a year old and has grown more than I thought it would for an idea created out of a thread on CrazyPellas.

At the time of writing this we have:
35,444 Beats Uploaded
4,310 Beat Requests (4,163 Active)
237,637 Beats Sent to Requests
623 Producers
4221 Artists (312 Verified including Caskey, DJ KaySlay)

The number of beats sent to requests means that on average 1 beat is sent to 7 requests (assuming that all beats uploaded are for requests and not for sharing privately through email).

With the growth of SendBeatsTo so far I am happy to continue developing it into a fully fledged service and bring it out of beta in due course. This means that SendBeatsTo will become a paid service and each of you will receive a substancial discount for helping during these start-up stages.

Many of you have emailed me personally thanking me for helping you land placements which is awesome!

We’re not just a platform for sending beats, we want to connect you with artists to build relationships and allow you to collaborate throughout the whole song creation process.

I look forward to building this service with you. Are you ready?

Best wishes,
Iain Meddicks
Founder of SendBeatsTo

Address: Suite 5334, PO Box 26965, Glasgow, G1 9BW, Scotland
Call: (+44) 78 674 926 28