How to send big files?

You’ve been on vacation and made 854 photos, but can’t share them via email? You keep browsing through your email history to find all your colleague’s comments on the latest client brief? There’s an easy solution to all these problems, it’s called cloud storage service. A cloud storage service is a digital storage, which does not take up extra memory space in your computer. All you need is an internet connection to download the files from your computer on the cloud and you’ve got them saved right there. The most practical feature of cloud storage services is that you can share the files with others. Let’s face it — sending a few photos or a pdf file via email is OK, but anything more is just not possible. The bigger the storage space of the cloud provider, the more files you can share with people. Usually you’ll have to create an account; put in your name and email. Some providers allow you to share files without registration, but be careful — usually, the files will expire after a few days. To share files with someone, simply put in his/her email address. Some services may demand from that person to also have an account with them. There are many cloud storage providers on the market so compare a few and choose one that fits you best.