An urge to change mentality..

Romeo sitting on a chair, in the park, with Laila alongside her, trying to hide within his arms. Suddenly, from nowhere, defenders of religion and culture appear like Lord Shiva is burning in anger, has decided to incinerate the chair, by you know, the third eye. Their uniforms reminding of Nagpur oranges, but not in very fruity mood because these two have destroyed so called values of indian civilization. So, the boy definitely deserves some hard hits on cheeks, after which the couple can get lessons about culture, manners, and most importantly how a boy and a girl should behave in the 'society’. After all these social classes, if boy and girl are lucky enough, they don’t have to call their parents, telling them about all the misbehavior they have done.

Does our society need these kind of 'spartans' to protect our culture from westernisation??

Or should we just accept the fact the 21st century is on, and everyone has right to do what he/she likes, except the crimes (crime for law made by the government, not by Guardians of the lost Galaxy, lost in I don’t know how many million BC).

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