Blog Post:Business Brainstorming

1) Motivational Mentors: There is a lack of useful mentors that offer adequate career guidance and access to mentorships and internships in university. The career service at most universities can only produce general information based advice and services about careers without focusing on specific needs which students require.Therefore a detailed and individual based mentorship program dedicated to the needs of student interest can be set up.2) This can be used for students who are at senior to graduate level who have a better idea about the career path they want to follow since from personal experience the career center does not provide adequate resources for this requirement. The opportunity to work with a mentor and identify one is a more than a challenge that needs to be resolved since students’ need more than academic training in any field.3) The criticisms that I think of revolve around how a program that offers mentors to students can be narrowed down to students specific needs beyond the generic career services offered on campus.4) In my dreams with all achieved success, this initiative can be adopted by universities worldwide where career services extend beyond information-based services and focus on identifying the most feasible mentor according to field of study.5) Direct and indirect competition would be career services in university that offer career advice and services in general. Other competitors or sources would come from mentorship programs outside the school environment. The difference with this proposed mentor program will be based on the objective of aligning students in their preferred career path where mentorships and internships will be more accessible to students according to their studies as opposed to a scarcity.

1) Online entertainment in South Africa: There is no existing online entertainment culture and platforms in South Africa since the market is dominated by cable TV and television culture in general. The recent launch of Netflix in the country has created a platform to develop other forms of online entertainment that have never existed. The idea is to develop online and media platforms which will provide an alternative to Netflix since it is an untapped market and platforms for South African culture and film to be promoted.2) This platform will easily be popular in the market since it is a form of entertainment that is in demand across all demographics. I will use this form of entertainment as much as I use it where it is available such as in the United States.3) The criticisms I have about this idea would be based on the recent launch of Netflix in the country since any other entertainment platform will be a direct competition to it.4) In my dreams with all objectives met, an alternative online entertainment platform created will be competitive and innovative while promoting South African culture and film as well.5) With regards to competition, one form of direct competition already exists and there is room for both indirect and direct competition. The opportunity available is derived from the lack of such platforms and the ability to develop this platform for success.

1) “Busy Beauty” Virtual spa: This idea is based on providing beauty and spa treatments to your doorstep where treatments are based online and through the busy beauty app that will cater to the services provided.2) I personally enjoy a wide array of beauty treatments and services and it has always been a struggle to find a spa that offers a wide array of treatments at one location without having to travel to others. This service will then offer any type of service that is more of a “pack up and go” type of service.3) The criticisms in mind are based on how the coordination of the services will take place since adequate staff is needed and a number of expenses may exceed profits.4) In my dreams with adequate success, I would like to ensure that profits exceed all expenses since a number of expenses are included with such an initiative.5) The competition would include existing spas that offer an array of services that would be available and massage therapists that travel to your home. The opportunity available would be based on the fact that a number of services beyond massages are offered in the comfort of your own home.