Final Class Review

The COMM 579 class has been more than a journey since it has exceeded my expectations. It has been a class that has not only afforded me the opportunity to be able to explore business avenues and meet influential entrepreneurs, it has served as a platform of networking and innovative thinking. The most enjoyable experiences in the class revolved around exchanging business models, plans and ideas where interesting perspectives were shared and discussed. The most memorable experiences about the class were based on the ‘class field trips’ where we were able to explore and meet entrepreneurs first hand and learn about their failures and weaknesses as opposed to only focusing on the successful avenues of business. The journey has taught me a lesson that the road of entrepreneurship and start-ups is certainly not an easy or short one yet it is a road that is filled with experiences, lessons and understanding of oneself and purpose. The most fulfilling experiences have been based on gathering different information about entrepreneurship and applying those lessons in presentations and with peers when completing group work. Lastly, the aspects of the class I would change or improve are based on more group work and experiences where the lesson of team work and group initiatives are a subject of importance since life is all about relationships and networking.

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