Healthy LED Lighting Products — SeniorLED’s Changing Focus

Sep 28, 2017 · 2 min read

Healthy LED lighting is what the world requires and that’s exactly what SeniorLED is planning to focus on in near future. The leading LED manufacturer and supplier has aspirations to become the best healthy lighting company in the world, and is working hard to expand its portfolio of healthy lighting products for workplaces, homes, indoors and outdoors.

Healthy LED Lighting from SeniorLED

SeniorLED in a recent announcement reaffirmed its focus on evolving lighting products that are safe for environment as well as people. Rocky Na, CEO of SeniorLED, shared:

“We have always been committed to environment friendly lights for more than a decade now. In past 6 months, we launched reading bulbs for healthy desk lighting and plan on launching many more healthy LED lighting products in near future to deliver the best lighting experience to the whole world. Our goal is to become the largest healthy lighting wholesalers in the world”

healthy light bulbs china

Healthy light bulbs catalogue

SeniorLED plans on expanding its LED product catalogue and adding nontoxic light bulbs, safe LED tubes, and healthy LED lighting products to its large collection of LED products. Active in the industry for over 10 years, SeniorLED has set new LED quality benchmarks for LED manufacturers and suppliers of China. A registered LED lighting brand in the USA and Canada, SeniorLED has huge client base and distributors network in Middle East, USA, Canada, Australia, Asia, and South America.

Healthy LED light bulbs — Inquire

SeniorLED wants to be the top healthy LED lighting wholesaler in the world and plans on catering corporate workplaces, businesses, hospitals, malls, homes, schools, commercial spaces, warehouses, and startups. Call (+86) 139 6488 0018 or send an email at to discuss your healthy and safest LED light requirements.

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