Announcing the 2017 Badge Summit

Highlight reel from the 2016 Badge Summit

The 2017 Badge Summit is coming to San Antonio, Texas, on June 24. Following on the heels of last year’s inaugural event, this year’s conference promises to be a powerful learning experience for all attendees, from the folks deeply immersed in the world of micro-credentials to the Badge-curious who are ready to dip their toes in the waters.

The Keynotes

If you despise shameless name-dropping, skip to the next session because our keynotes warrant some serious name-dropping. Our first keynote is with Connie Yowell, the CEO of LRNG. LRNG is a leader in Connected Learning and brings together school, business, community and even city partners to provide equitable access to learning opportunities that go beyond the bells of class time experiences. If you’ve heard of the Cities of LRNG initiatives, that’s Connie and her organization. Prior to her current role, she was Director of Education at the MacArthur Foundation (yes, that MacArthur Foundation:)

The second keynote is a State of the Badge Union panel, featuring some of the biggest movers and shakers in the micro-credentials ecosystem. Our moderator is Sarah Thomas, co-founder of the #BadgeChatK12 weekly twitter chat as well as EduMatch and many other noteworthy projects to help educators. Joining Sarah is an all-star panel that includes

  • Lisa Tenorio of Salesforce, an S&P500 company that has issued over 1,000,000 Digital Badge Credentials through its Trailhead learning platform.
  • Mark Leuba of IMS Global. If you’ve heard of the OBI, or Open Badges Infrastructure, IMS Global is the organization in charge of maintaining and implementing the standards that ensure Open Badges are, you know, open. They have taken over much of the work that was previously done by the Badge Alliance.
  • Credly founder and CEO Jonathan Finkelstein. Credly is a leading Badge issuing platform with partners spanning the K-12, Higher Ed and industry sectors.
  • Colorado Community College System’s Brenda Perea. Brenda is one of the world’s most networked and knowledgeable experts in micro-credentials in Higher Ed and career pathways.

The Dream Makers’ Lounge

Back by popular demand, the Dream Makers’ Lounge is a design space staffed by facilitators with Badge implementation experience. The purpose of this space is to provide attendees who are dreaming about Badges with an opportunity to actually sit down with these skilled facilitators and accomplish design work to make those dreams happen by beginning to build a Badge System for their own schools and districts.

Breakout Sessions

Our session curators have been collaborating for months to design learning experiences that will meet the needs of all attendees. They are bringing together some of the brightest Badge minds on the planet. Session and panel topics include:

  • A Badging 101 intro to the world of micro-credentials and what you can do with them (with presenters from Finland!)
  • Credentialing informal Educator learning at EdCamps, Twitter chats and more with Participate.
  • Badges and College Admissions
  • Retooling the Existing Workforce Through Credentialed Professional Learning
  • Professional Learning Badges for Teachers, including panelists from Digital Promise and Barbara Bray
  • Connected Pathways with Cross-Institutional Partnerships
  • A Gamification and Game Mechanics Ask Me Anything Panel
  • Extended Transcripts to Provide Employers with a Clearer Picture
  • Classroom and District Badge Implementation in K-12
  • Intimate Fireside Chats for frank Q&A with keynote speakers and other experts
  • Poster sessions. If you have work to share (even if it is lessons learned from an effort that didn’t go well!), let us know on this form and we’ll be sure to save you a spot!


Breakfast and lunch are included in Badge Summit registration!

The location

The 2016 Badge Summit in Colorado fortuitously fell right before the ISTE Convention and many attendees let us know that was a huge factor. As a result, we are following ISTE to San Antonio, Texas, and are excited to partner with ESC20 in utilizing their fantastic (and conveniently located) facilities on the day before ISTE 2017.


Individual registration is just $139. In order to foster collaboration and momentum following the Badge Summit, schools and districts can receive steep discount pricing for sending teams of educators. Thanks to our generous sponsors, we also are able to offer pre-service teachers who represent the future of micro-credentials significantly discounted registration.

All of this information and more is available on the official 2017 Badge Summit web page. Contact noah at for inquiries about discount registration or any other questions you may have, as well as for information about Sponsor and Exhibitor packages.