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SBA- The Solicitors’ Charity have just published a blog a while back but it looks like it’s been lost in a website revamp.

So I’ve copied it below.

I wrote it before covid, but it seems pretty relevant now.

It was written with lawyers in mind, but I hope it will be useful to anyone, whatever you do- office cleaner to CEO, start-up to multi-national.

This is a time of massive change and disruption for all of us. And, for many, of terrible loss too.

This is (was) it:

When life goes into the red

“Annual income twenty pounds, annual…

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The last few weeks have been chaotic and alarming for pretty much everyone. Especially for medics and the vulnerable. Some groups are at high risk, but no-one is safe. COVID-19 does not discriminate. Even the young and healthy have been struck down.

And vast tracts of the world are locked down in a silent dystopia.

And lawyers too.

This is the first in a series of blogs on the overlaps between the social effects of coronavirus, burnout and work life. It’s written mainly with lawyers in mind, but the aim is to be useful to all. …

(or a game for lockdown)

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Thanks to Gabriel García Márquez for the title of this post.

With so many of us in firefighting mode at the moment and a need for diversion when we get a short break before returning to the front line, I thought I would share this game I made up. (It may not be original, but I’m not aware of it.)

I shared it yesterday with a couple of mates who, like me, are muso nerds.

You can adapt it to any subject (sports teams, soaps, geography, elements from the periodic table, knitting, dog breeds, etc…

To begin at the beginning ...

A few months ago I wrote a post and asked for feedback. Over the next few weeks I’ll write about some of the ideas in the post and comment on a stack of feedback that I’ve had.

The post centred around the idea of ‘prehab’. …

So what’s this about?

Well I suppose I could begin at 8 o’clock and talk about Matisse.

At the Cut Outs exhibition at the Tate a few months ago in the first room was an experimental picture. Within the frame Matisse rearranged his cut outs to balance them. He took the component parts and set them in a kind of artistic order.

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