New Directions

Changes call for innovation, and innovation leads to progress. –Li Keqiang

If you could move in a new direction, where would you point yourself? Would you do a one eighty turn? Or would you make a left turn at this juncture of your life? Or maybe all you need is a slight shift in focus such that the action puts you back on the path that you only slightly strayed from. Today’s energy helps to focus us, encourages us to make new and improved, maybe even radical, choices and to get some clarity on the way.

Sometimes, there seem to be obstacles. I ask you to consider that roadblock or limitation. Sometimes the thing in the way is the way. It could be stopping you from going the wrong way for you, or it could be the mountain you need to climb in order to get to the next vantage point or develop strength and a new habit.

Today could be full of disruptions. Go with it. What may appear to be a setback, could be a conversation of great importance, that turns the tide profoundly. If tempted to push through, check in with your intuition. Is there a message in that delay or interruption? It could be your teacher. It could open a door that was previously closed.

We’re in a cycle of change. There is no use in trying to white knuckle the past. Wisdom says evolve, grow and allow the new to come in. “The opposite of war isn’t peace, it’s creation.” (La Vie Boheme, Rent)

Today’s triad: Release. Shift. Innovate.

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