Opening New Doors: Gemini New Moon

Thursday May 25th, 2017
We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths. –Walt Disney

A New Moon in the sign of Gemini on Thursday offers us good energy to begin again in some area of our lives. This is a curious and investigative energy that likes to look at things from different angles and vantage points.

I wonder… what would you like to begin now that could have good sturdy legs under it by November? This beginning energy today will peak then, but will have it’s wings set in motion to fly over the course of the next week.

As this new beginning unfolds, several doors of possibility might begin to open, though the right choice or outcome might not be quite clear at first. As the ideas begin to form and take shape, ask yourself, what could I do that would make the next 6 months a fun ride? Then listen for the answer.

You may feel stuck. You may feel some inner tension brewing that uncovers some less than desirable truths about yourself or about the way things have been for a long time. You may feel some guilt or resentment. Love yourself anyway, and give yourself the space to feel and allow the emotions to surface. Truthfully you did the best you could at the time. Let go of judgment, okay?

This is actually a jumping off point in the grand scheme of things, though you may not exactly see how it will play out. You may be anxious about it all. Trust that it will all work out in time. Do your best and surrender the rest to a Loving Universe that has your back.

Be sure to communicate clearly over the next few days, as you may be misinterpreted. Sometimes it happens that a word can mean very different things to different people. If your conversations get heated, go back and try again to express yourself, and then be careful to listen as well.

As you make this fresh start, remember, your desires matter, too. Your thoughts matter. Your needs matter. You are capable of great things. So hang in there.

Today’s triad: Stay curious. Listen. Trust.

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