Daily Sentiment

Friday July 22, 2022

11:25 am PST

The market is just about sideways today, maybe skewing a bit negative. ETH is -0.45% OTD, MATIC is -4.52%. NEAR is +2.11% so I am sticking to my “only buy on red days” that I didn’t stick to before and not purchasing it. I have a very good feeling about it.

I did my research on ROSE and that is what I am most excited about in crypto right now. I was reading about confidential NFTs and immediately was stimulated. I am so interested in how smart contracts and NFTs are going to revolutionize the world. I am seeing that come to fruition in these confidential NFTs. Images and all that are cool. But I am interested in the transferring and storing of data that is private, secure, and still allows transparency in terms of transactions and providing an immutable, digital, public ledger. I love the conditionality that is available to NFT creators. So, you can only access data under certain conditions. During a certain time, if you hold the correct private key, etc.

In terms of trading, ROSE is listed at #110 on CoinMarketCap. Issuance is 50%, and there is a market cap of $277M, $552M fully diluted. The technology that confidential NFTs allow is worth way more than that in my opinion. I am about to make a foray off FTX for the first time trading as a legal entity besides my person and purchase some ROSE.



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