Helping a manufacturer make their big data investment

Sep 24, 2017 · 2 min read

SenseiHub, through pop-up knowledge teams, makes the $60bn network of university research labs available as a resource to strategists to find new revenue opportunities at work. Pursuing new opportunities is challenging, putting them off is easier. Pop-up knowledge teams can help companies avoid that.

We created topic-maps so strategists and pop-up teams could ask more targeted questions. They quickly shows top trends, which can be hard to find. Reading a few Google results doesn’t explain the market fully. Google Trends doesn’t give you information when you dig deeper.

Topic maps are beautiful force-directed graphs. Above is a topic map for Hadoop and manufacturing. What you see are a few hundred news articles and blog posts summarized and updated almost real time.

You can see that automation, data velocity, data quality, ROI and dashboards are KPIs. It also appears that Cloudera, Apache, Tableau, machine learning, python, nosql are top tools and skills needed.

SenseiHub, using our vast database identified U-Maryland’s Lab for Real Time System as a center of excellence and assembled a pop-up team in 24 hrs there. Working side by side with the strategist, they helped him make a big data investment. Cost: $3,000.

What questions are you asking at work? The university research network is a $60bn network that is a great everyday knowledge partner. SenseiHub makes it easy to find, work with and pay pop-up university knowledge teams in any topic. Get started here.


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