How a pop-up knowledge team helped a large beverage company make a million dollar decision

University research groups are the highest quality resource to help companies test their riskiest assumptions and generate value. I make it possible to access them from your desk through Pop-Up Research Teams.

A large beverage maker needed to decide if they should private label or not.

24 hours after first contact, the project manager (Sensei) notified the marketing team: “A pop-up knowledge team is assembled; it will be led by Prof. Sethuraman who’s published for 25 years in this topic, supported by a team of 3 research assistants and a project manager.”

They decided to move forward. Sensei was the first responder. It also helped that a consulting firm had charged them a lot of money for a slide like this in the past. (I was grateful for their help!)

Pop-up knowledge teams

A company won’t adopt strategies without an appropriate level of care. Their options today are sub-par.

Consulting firm billing rate

A consulting firm bills you $30K/ week for an analyst’s time, a 1400% markup over their salary. They bill you $80K/ week for a project manager, a 1900% markup.

Pop-Up Research Teams assemble at a university Center of Excellence in 24 hours. Sensei identifies which Center by tracking funding, papers and patent data. The assembled team spends 60 hours testing the customer’s riskiest assumptions, using primary research and privileged data sets that the customer otherwise doesn’t have access to. All this happens at a fraction of the time and cost. Sensei’s markup is 20%.

University pop-up research teams vs consulting teams

Leveraging an existing university infrastructure (your taxes in fact pay for it!) and automation drops the cost 12.5x. The university system (and Sensei’s network) is massive, does 60x more research and scales infinitely across topics.

Bot project manager

Credibility with the team and data helps companies make those important decisions.

Conclusion: Future of work

Pop-up knowledge teams are becoming increasingly mainstream. The list of companies I work with has increased 2x in the last year alone.

If you’re holding off on making crucial decisions, your competition might just be acting. I look forward to working with you (