How it works

The following provides an overview of SenseiHub’s web service. After reading this, you should know how to start and what to expect!

SenseiHub assembles a team in <24 hours, ‘pop-up knowledge teams’, in any topic to provide insights. Researchers join the team from university groups doing significant work in a topic or group of topics (eg: food and beverage, supply chain, India). Working 40–80 hrs/wk, they provide answers to specific questions, like, what India F&B supply chain investments should we make.

The end product says (eg:) “With input from the Center for Supply Chain at Columbia” so that you can trust the output and act on it.

You submit your project description, things you already know (so we don’t repeat information), and what would wow you (so we understand your motivation). The question is picked up by a relevant research group. You’re updated that a team is being assembled, and work has started. A project manager updates you and submits clarifying questions regularly over the course of the project.

The project concludes with a ten minute discussion of the content delivered. The team’s goal is to bring you to a place where you learned something new, and are able to make a confident decision based on the information provided. To that end, they use tools you may not have available and deliver fresh unbiased perspectives.

What’s next

Find new revenue opportunities for your company! Start working with a $60bn university network, right from your desk, that scales infinitely to any topic and delivers outcomes in a week!

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