Coders have no borders

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We’re hiring remote coders for the first time

For the first time in our history we’ve changed our recruitment policy to include remote working as a policy. The decision was made based on the fact that some of our colleagues work from home a few days per week and having people work completely remotely is not an unnatural next step. We recently advertised a role and we’ve been inundated with great CVs. A big thank you to everyone who submitted a CV. You’re amazing and we feel privileged that you applied to us.

Global coder nomads

It’s been an eye opener to understand the global outlook of coders and to appreciate that for them geographic borders are irrelevant. We’ve had candidates from Paraguay to South Korea, and from Cairo to Guadalajara. In the period of the renaissance, the finest artisans were drawn to Rome to work with the best people, to get patronage and to earn a just reward. Coders are modern day artisans who in the age of the internet can achieve the same goals without leaving their hacienda, maison, loft!

Location, location, location

Some candidates do not mention their location. We’ve joked that we should hire someone and not find out where they live until after we’ve completed the employment contract. We’re still working on a plan for how we manage timezones so we’ll have to see how that works. We’re expecting our new coder to come to our offices to meet, to greet and to feast with us at least 4 times per year but mainly she or he will talk to us on Slack, in Trello boards and on Skype


Coders want salaries commensurate with their skills and as this is our first time for hiring remotely — we’re learning about global salary expectations. The skills we’re looking for (Python, Go) are in demand so the best people expect to command good salaries — go figure!


The language of coders is English and ‘github’. All of the covering letters are in English. CVs are mainly universal in style although some offer small clues to a candidate’s cultural background. Most importantly applicants give us links to Github. At the end of the day, the signature of a great modern artisan is their beautiful code!

If you missed our advertisement it’s here

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