Reminder of Mindfulness

Finding Joy and Adventure in the everyday….

I’ve mentioned mindfulness before, and some exercises with which to practice Mindfulness. But certainly I find myself slipping often into a very unmindful state….my walk home from the my office job for example. I often see it as somehting of a chore — up a steep hill and a bit of a slog when all I want to do is collapse on my sofa. Well today was a particularly beautiful spring day, in the particularly beautiful city I am blessed to live in. So I upped my mindfulness game and made a tiny change to my routine of walking home by turning the walk into a little photo safari.

Bath is a brilliant place to do this, especially in the early evening sun; the light throws up some amazing shadows on old buildings and the Bath stone reflects the light in a way that many will tell you makes the city glow. I found this a lovely activity to bring my attanetion back to the present moment, and really notice the beauty of the city around me.

You don’t need to wait for a spring day to do this — just have a go on your journey home, turn the everyday into the extrordinary by finding the beauty in your own surroundings!

“Oh! who can ever be tired of Bath?” Jane Austen — Northanger Abbey

“it is well to have as many holds upon happiness as possible” Jane Austen — Northanger Abbey