Road safety to be part of school syllabus in Assam

It will be a lesson which will not only bring marks for students but also ensure their safety on roads. The Board of Secondary Education, Assam (SEBA) has decided to make road safety a part of the comprehensive syllabus in classes IX and X.

The SEBA has already started highlighting road safety rules on the cover pages of textbooks of both the classes. “Considering the alarming rise in the number of road accidents, it is extremely important to educate our students on road safety rules as they travel to school either by bus or walk. Highlighting road safety aspects on the cover pages of textbooks will draw students’ attention towards it whenever they open their books,” SEBA secretary Kamal Jyoti Gogoi told The Sentinel on Monday.

Even though road safety measures have already been included in the syllabus of elementary classes in the State, the Assam Road Safety Council has asked the State Education Department to make road safety a part of the syllabus in higher classes of schools affiliated to SEBA, considering that a large number of students have fallen victim to road accidents throughout the State in recent years.

A survey conducted by the Road Safety Council has found that a large section of students are not aware of rules for safety on roads. Sources said the Transport Department has also asked the Education Department to incorporate road safety as an integral part of syllabus in higher classes.

The SEBA secretary said the board has drawn plans to include road safety part of the comprehensive syllabus in classes IX and X. While Gogoi did not divulge much, sources said students appearing for HSLC exams either in 2018 or 2019 will have to answer questions on road safety rules and accordingly marks will be allotted to them.

An official in Education Department pointed out that in many southern States, students of higher classes in schools and colleges help the traffic police by participating in RSP (road safety patrol) mainly in key junctions near educational institutions. He said such practice could be introduced in Assam too.

The official said once students become conversant with road safety rules, they can spread their knowledge among family members and friends which will have tremendous impact on creating road safety awareness, prevent accidents and save many lives.

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