Public Sale Important Announcement

Sentinel Protocol’s Presale and Crowdsale

Updated April 30, 2018: Sentinel Protocol Public Sale Dates Have Been Updated. Please refer to this post for most up-to-date schedule:

Since the opening of our whitelist registration on March 30th, interest from the community has been extremely overwhelming. Putting the numbers into perspective, our presale allocation is 87,500,000 UPP at a rate of 1 ETH to 5000 UPP with an additional bonus of 15%, for a total of 5750 UPP. The 15% bonus will be locked up until 180 days after the initial distribution date. This amounts to a total of roughly 15,000 ETH for our fundraising goal.

So far we have received ~7000 applications with an intent to contribute a total of ~200,000 ETH. We will be closing the whitelist registration on April 12th 11:59 pm SGT. Please indicate how much you want to contribute to Sentinel Protocol before the whitelist closes! Between 50 and 200 UPP will be airdropped to those who have been whitelisted and successfully passed KYC verification.

During the ongoing presale whitelist period, many strategic investors have continued to contact us. They have interests that align with our vision and add value to our company. These investors also intend to stay with us for the long term. Although these strategic contributors can easily fulfill our fundraising goal, we feel that our network users are equally important for building our ecosystem. After careful consideration of ensuring fairness within our presale and the project’s long term success, we have decided to split our token allocation into two equal parts.

We will be dividing our allocation as follows:

  • 50% toward the public presale.
  • 50% toward strategic contributors.

Public presale investors and strategic contributors have identical ETH-to-UPP rates, the same bonus percentage of 15%, and the same bonus lock-up period of 180 days. Please note these strategic contributors will be screened by Sentinel Protocol’s business development and marketing team’s full due diligence on an individual basis. If you filled the whitelist form as an individual investor and wish to appeal your application as a strategic partner, please kindly send an email to from the same email account you entered in the whitelist form.

The public presale will begin on May 7, with a minimum of 30 ETH and a maximum of 300 ETH. As soon as the cap is filled on a first come first served basis, the presale ends.

We simply do not have enough allocation to satisfy all parties. However, your interest and support for our project is much appreciated! Also, note that the crowdsale will take place some time after the presale, so stay tuned for an upcoming crowdsale announcement!

Public Sale Logistics

Sentinel Protocol Public Sale Information

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