Industry Leaders Aim to Plug Blockchain Security Holes With Sentinel Protocol

Industry leaders believe Sentinel Protocol is solving a huge problem in the growing cryptocurrency space. The products we are building will be able to address security problems in blockchain technology, and these solutions will eventually extend to cybersecurity applications outside of blockchain. Sentinel Protocol will be an actual case where blockchain technology has a real-world application that actually solves a real-world problem.

Here’s what they had to say:

I like the idea of crowdsourcing and the verification of threat intelligence data through the use of Decentralized networks, which can then be integrated within the ecosystem to make interacting with blockchains a safer experience.

Matthew Tan, CEO and Founder of

Sentinel Protocol is addressing a major pain point in this cryptocurrency industry: security and fraud detection. The protocol will help enhance the overall security for not only end-users but also other existing platforms including exchanges, wallets, and payment processors.

Loi Luu, CEO and Co-founder of Kyber Network

Sentinel Protocol is an essential blockchain project as it can cultivate trust even outside the blockchain environment where both hacking and fraud are rampant.

Simon Kim, CEO of Hashed

Sentinel Protocol is a solution that is sorely needed for cryptocurrencies and blockchain markets. Hacks, scams and the flow of crypto assets to the wallets of bad actors are ongoing problems. There needs to be a clear solution right now. Sentinel Protocol is the key to securing digital assets generated by this new wave of finance.

HongZhuang Lim, CEO of XSQ

Sentinel Protocol is solving a real problem: mitigating security risks in the blockchain ecosystem. I am confident about the potential of Sentinel Protocol because of their top notch team and the platform they have created. It’s a real game changer in the industry.

Stelian Balta, Founder of HyperChain Capital

Security has always been a major concern for all industries, very much so in the world of blockchain. Sentinel Protocol, a project made up of great cybersecurity experts are helping to solve that problem. Wallets, exchanges, and users will have a tool that greatly reduces hacking and scam attempts.

John Ng Pangilinan, Partner of Signum Capital

Sentinel Protocol solves a fundamental problem in the crypto landscape — tracing fraudulent activities and actively warning projects and users about them. This protocol is useful for projects that not only do KYC on identities, but trace activities linked to fraudulent crypto transactions. Digix is looking forward to work with them on this.

Shaun Djie, Co-founder and COO of DigixGlobal

Sentinel Protocol project will play a critical role for platform blockchain projects such as ICON. The expertise of their team is needed in the blockchain industry where tracking and blocking should not be limited to within a single block, but to an entire ecosystem of hyper-connected entities.

JH Kim, Council Member of ICON Foundation

Crypto Briefing Review

The crypto community recently received a harsh wake-up call with the hack of a high-profile crypto influencer. The Founder of Sentinel Protocol, a cyber security expert himself, was also the victim of a hack resulting in the loss of thousands of ETH. His experience is what ultimately lead to the birth of this project.

It’s beyond doubt a comprehensive security protocol is essential for the cryptospace, and the team of cyber security experts behind Sentinel Protocol are building one potential solution that could very well meet this need. With a product to develop and an ecosystem to grow, Sentinel Protocol still have a ways to go.

Nonetheless, the strength of the team, community support and partnerships to date are all indicators of strong potential. We rate the Sentinel Protocol ICO in our Top 10%.

Sentinel Protocol is one of the projects that we believe can move cryptocurrency as a whole forward — because of the immutable nature of blockchain, security is paramount.

The project can be thought of as the cryptocurrency-equivalent of the anti-virus industry for personal computers. It can deter hacking as hackers would face difficulties moving funds around.

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